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Code of Conduct for Minders

  1. I agree to respect the confidentiality of each Crèche, Family, Hotel or Event where I deliver services.
  2. I agree to always respect the confidentiality of each child that I care for.
  3. I agree to always act in a polite and courteous manner while delivering services.
  4. I agree to be punctual and well presented for each placement; this includes no big jewellery or heavy makeup.
  5. If I am sick or unable to attend a booking I have accepted, I agree to call LMM and the contact person for the placement to let them know in advance of the placement beginning. Text or email is not sufficient in these circumstances.
  6. I agree to inform the relevant authorities if I witness behaviour which is not acceptable in a childcare setting or if I have a genuine concern about a child.
  7. I agree to inform LMM if I feel that I have been treated unfairly on a placement.

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